Friday, November 30, 2012

Gotong Royong to clean up public beach at Copthorne Hotel Tanjung Bungah

URGENT  exercise - discover- come !
Saturday morning, 1 December 2012 at 8 am
Please come and support a Gotong Royong on the beach below the Copthorne Hotel and the Cove (public access via stairs in between these two buildings) to assert the public nature of the beach as well as the 'Sore Thumb' which will remain “SORE” until it is gazetted as:
Tanjong Bunga Coastal Park.
MPPP & TBRA organise this clean-up on Saturday morning,
1 December 2012 at 8 am
Refreshments will be provided - courtesy Copthorne Hotel
Pressure on State Government and MPPP must continue in order to safeguard the Tanjong Bunga Coastal Park. This reclaimed land has still not been gazetted to ensure it is reserved for public use. There are rumours galore that Tanjong 1 (that huge new towerblock right on the sea) is still eyeing the reclamation to develop it for private use.


Gale Metcalf said...

Is Guan Eng aware of the liberties the developer is taking with the Sore Thumb. Will the press be on hand to capture what is happening?
I will come help.

Thanks for your efforts to right this wrong!

Gale Metcalf

Gale said...

On Sunday morning I went to the beach you reach when you take the path between the Cove and the Copthorne at 8:00am and waited until 8:30. I returned at 9:20, just to see if maybe you had gotten a late start.
No luck then either.

I feel pretty demoralized by this experience. Did the event happen? If so, what time? How many people showed up and what was accomplished?

kumar said...

What happened to this page? Why no more updates from this page?