Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New Recreational Parks

A number of new recreational parks for the public have been created recently by developers in the Seri Tanjung Pinang and Lembah Permai area. These parks are designed by professional landscape designers. However we hope that the public who use these parks do not litter the grounds or vandalise the play equipment.

Sadly, there are many squatters and illegal construction on the beach front next to the park. Yes these people can enjoy their seafront villas free on state land!

New recreational park just behind Tesco in Tanjung Tokong is maintained by the developers E&O Development.

A walkway is being built leading from the park to the beach. Note the many illegal houses that have sprung up on the beach.

More illegal (?) constructions coming up on the beach front of Tanjung Tokong

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