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Petition To Take Down the Telco Tower at Sekolah Menengah Pendidikan Khas Persekutuan

We are rejecting the telco tower that was set up at Sekolah Menengah Pendidikan Khas Persekutuan last week on 600H Jalan Lembah Permai, 11200 Tanjung Bungah. The telecommunication operator did not apply for residential consent before setting up the tower. There is fear in us of being exposed to health hazards and electromagnetic radiation continuously for the next many years. Therefore, we insist that the tower to be taken down.

Many well established international studies have shown the health hazard of the electromagnetic radiation from the Mobile Phone Telco Towers. The tower should not be located at or near the residential areas, schools and hospitals. Certain scientist even suggested that the towers should not be less than 300 meters from schools or residential area.

We are extremely concerned about the health effects and risk of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation (RF) from the antennas. Majority of the residents around this area objected to the radiation exposure and the nearness of this tower.    
There is a robust and ongoing controversy over many aspects of RF health effects. No one disagrees that serious health hazards occur when living cells in the body are heated. This happens when high intensity RF exposure (just like in a microwave oven), scientists are currently still investigating the health hazards of low intensity exposure. Low intensity exposure is exposure which does not raise the temperature of the living cells in the body.

The telecommunications industry claims cellular antennas are safe because the radiation they produce is too weak to cause heating, a "thermal effect." They point to "safety standards" from groups such as ANSI/IEEE or ICNIRP to support their claims. But these groups have explicitly stated that their claim of “safe levels of exposure” is only based on thermal levels.

There is a large body of internationally accepted scientific evidence which points to the existence of non thermal effects of microwave radiation. The issue at the present time is not whether such evidence exists, but rather what weight to give it.
Non-thermal effects are recognized by experts on RF to have potential health hazards. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of USA has rejected the current (ANSI/IEEE) safety standards because they are based on thermal effects alone. Many scientists and physicians question the safety of exposure to RF. The CSIRO study, for example, notes that there are no clear cutoff levels at which low intensity exposure has no effect, and that the results of ongoing studies will take years to analyze. "As long as it has not been scientifically proven that electromagnetic radiation is without danger, it should be considered that it is probably dangerous."

The BioInitiative Report which is the work of leading scientists who have reviewed over 2000 reports on Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) and health, states that “The existing public safety standards limiting radiation levels in nearly every country of the world look to be thousands of times too lenient. Change is needed”. Report: available at www.bioinitiative.org. Title: BioInitiative: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF).

The potential long term health effects are much more worrying especially when we consider that our children are especially vulnerable due to the fact that they have thinner skulls, immature immune systems and soft bones allowing stem cells in the bone marrow to absorb microwaves (Cherry 1998).

We demand to remove the mentioned telco tower. Enclosed are the lists of signatures taken around the area, wanting the tower to be taken down. Your immediate response and action are very much needed and appreciated.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,
Residents of Lembah Permai and Concord Garden

More Background Information
EMF Radiation Protection Association supports the use of technology in schools as a necessary educational tool. Hardwired technology solutions are safe.  Wireless technology is not safe.  Children's health, not cost and convenience, needs to be paramount.

Trustingly, parents give their children cell phones for "safety" reasons.  In support of the wireless industry, school districts, community centres and other public venues are now promoting the continued rollout of wireless internet systems.  Few people are yet aware that no testing has ever been conducted on the non-thermal biological effects to young people of non-ionizing radiation.  Neither has there been pre-market testing for everyday devices such as cell phones, DECT or cordless phones, or baby monitors used by or near children.

Children and youth are the most vulnerable to health damage from environmental toxins and pollutants. The pathologies associated with non-thermal biological effects are contradictory to a good learning and living environment, presenting themselves as behavioural changes, a lack of concentration, fatigue, headaches and dizziness, depression, sleep disorders, asthmatic symptoms . . .

At this point in our history, children are and will be exposed to, and tempted by, an unprecedented array of wireless devices, tools and toys.   Adults have a moral and legal responsibility to protect their children, thereby ensuring their safe and healthy future. 

1 BestariNet

adalah projek inisiatif Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) yang dilaksanakan dengan kerjasama YTL Communications. Dalam projek ini, 10,000 sekolah di seluruh Malaysia akan dilengkapi akses Internet berkelajuan tinggi dan platform pembelajaran maya yang mengaplikasikan jaringan Internet berkelajuan tinggi serta akses kepada penyelesaian pendidikan bersepadu bertaraf dunia.Visi 1BestariNet adalah mengubah platform pendidikan di Malaysia serta merapatkan jurang digital di antara murid kawasan bandar dan luar bandar dengan menyediakan pendidikan berteras Internet yang berkualiti kepada semua rakyat Malaysia. Inisiatif kerajaan ini bakal menjadikan Malaysia negara pertama di dunia yang dilengkapi akses Internet mudah alih 4G dan VLE sedia ada di semua sekolah seluruh Malaysia.

Setiap murid perlu mempunyai akses kepada pendidikan berkualiti dan teknologi yang mencorak dunia masa kini, berfokus kepada kaedah pendidikan berasaskan Internet di sekolah-sekolah seluruh Malaysia.

Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia dengan kerjasama YTL Communications menyediakan Internet 4G tanpa wayar berkelajuan tinggi berserta Frog Virtual Learning Environment yang efektif ke semua sekolah di seluruh Malaysia.
Kaedah bersepadu ini akan diaplikasikan di sekolah-sekolah di seluruh Malaysia. Nantikan kehadirannya di sekolah anda tidak lama lagi!
source from http://1bestarinet.net/?page_id=205

Do we really want our child study or stay in this kind of environment for 6 hours a day / 200 days a year?

Penang EMF Protection Association asks the Penang Local Government to adopt The Precautionary Principle
The principle and the main components of its implementation are stated this way in the 1998 Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle:
"When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically. In this context the proponent of an activity, rather than the public, should bear the burden of proof. The process of applying the precautionary principle must be open, informed and democratic and must include potentially affected parties. It must also involve an examination of the full range of alternatives, including no action."
Penang EMF Protection Association recognized the need for a review of the radio frequency electromagnetic field exposure standards and works to raise awareness on the issue and we summaries our positions as follow:

1. Adopt the recommendation of The Bio-Initiative Report  of limiting radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure power density to 0.6V/m (1000uW/m2).   

2. Adopt the recommendation of Porto Alegre Resolution on Precautionary Principle : All Radiofrequency installation (such as Telco towers, WiMax, Wifi and others transceivers devices) should not be in close proximity to schools, kindergartens, hospitals, residence and places of leisure.

3. Telco operators should share the usage of transceivers, network operations and to reduce its numbers and emission power, in addition to the existing site sharing arrangement.

4.  The authority must exercise transparency in the approval of telco transceiving sites and seek approval of the affected neighbourhood. Transparency, building trust and informed policy making is important. We must

•   focusing on the right problem,
•   helping the public to get the full picture,
•   formulating straightforward messages, acknowledging the limitations of research and being aware of the possible side effects of the implementations. It is important to take a broad view and to take care not to displace the problems.

5. Promote and extend the use of fibre optic and other form of non-radiofrequency methodology to achieve similar connectivity goal.

6. Educate the public on proper use of RF tools and equipments (such as mobile phone, cordless phone, WiFi and other wireless devices) to limit the health impact especially to children.

•   Communication to the public in general about EMF, and consumer
    information on products emitting EMF in particular, is very important;
 •   People declaring themselves electro-hyper-sensitive need help, independently of the question whether their symptoms can be attributed to exposure to EMFs;

7. Calls for an International EMF Conference in Malaysia to educate the public and policy makers on possible new radiofrequency electromagnetic field radiation standards.

•   Aware of the importance of technical standards.
  To this end, the importance for expert bodies to follow strict criteria regarding transparency, the mandates they respond to, conflicts of interest, membership, expertise, process, openness to stakeholders and independence was raised.
  The importance of the quality of scientific evidence. In spite of the mass of  scientific evidence already available, more scientific research is still needed to address the remaining data gaps, in particular cohort studies;
   The importance of being able to offer help to the people who feel affected by EMF, in spite of the consistent failure of scientific studies to make a link between their symptoms and actual exposure to EMF.
   The distinction between risk assessment and risk management must be made clear and maintained in the decision-making process;
•    It is important not to forget to take the risk/benefit equation into account in the application of the Precautionary Principle; The protection of young children and pregnant women be always ensured;
•   Politicians must fulfill their roles and industry must cooperate with them;
•   It is important for all parties to engage with groups presenting different points of view.

  “ WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES   The health of our present and future generations is at stake.

我国教育部宣布将在西马所有中小学,全面使用新的互联网系统「1BestariNet」,取代於2010年停用的学校互联网系统School Net」。1BestariNet 由马来西亚教育部与杨忠礼通讯合作下提供基于云储存的虚拟学习平台和连接全国10,000所学校的高速互联网的一项电子教学计划

1BestariNet项目把青蛙虚拟学习模式(Frog VLE)经由4 G宽带连接全国学校,青蛙虚拟学习模式是极具人性化的程式,为各学校而定制。而且它也提供了完善的管理成面,使教师,管理人员,甚至学生能完全嵌入他们学习的环境。主要的是集行政和教学於一体的性能。截至今年3月,这项计划已覆盖全国1275间学校,并预计将在2013年或今年内,推行至全国逾万间中小学,以提倡资讯工艺时代的电子教育模式。这项15亿令吉计划,由杨忠礼电力旗下的杨忠礼通讯施工。

据我们所知,许多学校已接到通知将被施与此项系统。他们除了将在校内推行Wi-Fi/无线网路通信技术上网之外,还得在学校范围內兴建电讯塔(WIMAXWorld Interoperability for Microwave Access - 即全球微波接入互操作性的发射塔,是一种高速、宽带无线数字式电信系统)。


身为父母及防电磁波辐射公害团体的一员,我们必须慎重的提醒大众,尤其是学校单位、董事会、家长、家协及各部门。Wi-Fi(无线网路通信技术)是与电讯塔使用相同的技术的发射器。一般家长都非常抗拒电话通信发射器(电讯塔)建设在居家和学校附近,但却没有发觉其实Wi-Fi使用的也是相同的技术,它也具有微波/电磁波辐射。英国的Stewart report S1.42里提到“在没有与学校成员或家长达成任何协议,如此大强度的辐射是不应该落于学校或建筑物的任何一部分”



20121月,美国环境医学学院宣告:“慢性暴露于无线电频率辐射是一种可以预防的环境危害,现已有充分数据,足以支持即时履行预防的公共卫生措施.... 孩子们特别有大脑发展被影响、和学习及行为受损的风险。




2012823日,以色列卫生部副部长Yaakov Litzman 倡议其教育部长Gideon Sa'ar 停止在学校安装无线网络,尤其是在有据可查的危害报告下。我们坚定的相信,我们以民为本的政府是应该做得到,为我们的孩子提供一个“安全”的学习环境。



Voices Against EMF

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