Friday, February 29, 2008




We are a registered Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association. According to our constitution, our members are from Tanjong Bunga with postcode 11200. Our association was formed to provide a platform for our members to voice their concerns, grievances and provide constructive suggestions to the authorities so that Tanjong Bunga will become a better place for its residents.

These are modest aspirations, no twin towers, no free trade zones, no Manhattan islands. We just want to live, and for some work, in a properly planned township with facilities for young and old, schools and playgrounds within walking distance, beaches accessible to the public and green hills to freshen the air. Are these too much to expect? Are we depriving others of development?

The members of TBRA have voiced their concerns through a public forum, the press and meetings with their ADUN and Municipal Council (MPPP) on several occasions with regard to the issues of haphazard mushrooming of high-rise buildings in Tanjong Bunga, hill-cutting, illegal land reclamation and without due regard to any increase in the capacity of infrastructure (drainage, traffic, public facilities) and to the preservation of the hills and the natural environment.

TBRA WOULD LIKE YOU to look into the following concerns:

1. That you would support our stand that the government and MPPP should consult with and consider the views of TBRA, representing the interests of residents, before formulating the LOCAL PLAN for Tanjong Bunga area.

2. That the Tanjong Bunga – Telok Bahang corridor identified in the State Structure Plan includes the gazetted boundaries of Tanjong Bunga ( and also recognized by its post code).

3. That the State and MPPP should, before approving development projects, consider all aspects related to town planning and the environment in a transparent manner. In this respect there should be a moratorium on approval of high-rises especially on hill slopes, beach-front sites and in established housing areas.

4. That the State do not allow any land reclamation off Tanjong Bunga – Teluk Bahang Corridor without carrying out a proper Environmental Impact Assessment and take action on removing the “sore thumb” land reclamation off Tanjung Club or alternatively convert it into a public park.

5. That there is adequate provision for public open spaces and playgrounds according to planning standards.

6. That there is good governance and transparency in development planning with full commitment to sustainable development and to citizens’ participation ( Local Agenda 21) in order to improve the quality of life for Tanjong Bunga residents and for the people of Penang in general.

We are confident that our members will vote for an ADUN that looks after the interests of this constituency.


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