Saturday, March 01, 2008


Residents and voters in Tanjong Bunga should now speak up and make their voices heard or as they say, "forever hold your peace". The question "How do we make Tanjong Bunga a better place for everyone?" should be the mantra for the residents as well as our elected representative. It is home to the young and old, rich and poor, Malaysians and second-homers.

Has any one come up with any suggestion? Or do you wait until you see a monster development at your door step or the crime rate rise?
TBRA has been actively raising environmental issues and need the support and collective voice of all its residents. Tell others about this blogsite and post your comments.


Jeffrey Chew said...

Get the candidates to state their stand. With our ex CM, was anything ever done? Without him and with a new BN person in the picture, do you believe there is going to be any difference?

Both Chia brothers need to make a stand on issues such as PGCC, environment. Otherwise, don't waste our time. Without a clear change of the things we do, don't expect Malaysia or Tanjong bungah to change also.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts in this blog.

I have come to realise that in the Persiaran Tanjung Bungah area developer Ratu Mutiara has built 4 enormous high rise projects maximising land use with no decent play area for children within these condos. These projects -- Marina Tower, Twin Towers, Coastal Towers, Regency and the latest not sure of the name. It is unbelievable that the authorities have allowed such density and the buildings constructed to the very edge of the land boundaries.

Can anyone tell me if the developers are required by law to provide some common park/play area for children in this area?

Thank you.