Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bye-bye Koh Tsu Koon

I guess we all know by now that Tanjung Bungah's ADUN, Koh Tsu Koon of Parti Gerakan, is leaving his constituency for the past 17 years . Unfortunately, Tanjung Bungah is not a better place it was 17 years ago. Do you agree? Give us your view on this.

Here is an email which has been circulating on the issue of making informed choices:

Dear All
Listening to both sides is important, so here's another side,
Let us make informed choices ...our future our tomorrows will depend on what CHOICES WE MAKE TODAY!

What we want is to
• be truly represented by our elected MPs Aduns- to have our concerns heard, have a voice in the progress and development of the Nation
• have an accountable and transparent government who work for the good of the NATION
• LIVE without fear in a safe harmonious and clean environment,
• leave a legacy that our next generation can be proud of, can enjoy
• become a Nation where JUSTICE AND PEACE reign supreme

"When you listen God speaks, When you obey God Acts"

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