Saturday, August 11, 2018

Protesters rally in Penang against exorbitant RM46bn transport proposal

About a hundred concerned Penangites gathered peacefully outside the Penang State Assembly this morning to call for an an independent review of SRS Consortium’s outlandish RM46bn transport proposal, which critics have derided as a ‘property play’.

Under the proposal, an RM8bn six-lane highway will eventually link high-end property development on reclaimed land opposite Gurney Plaza off Gurney Drive to more high-end development on three artificial islands in southern Penang Island. Under phase one of the highway, it ends not far from even more high-end property development on reclaimed land now under construction off the coast of southeastern Penang Island. ...

Independent filmmaker Andrew Ng, who produced the award-winning documentary The Hills and the Sea, led the crowd with chants of “No way, highway; we want public transport”, “Cancel PIL; review PTMP”, “SRS, go away; far, far away” and “We want BRT and modern trams”.

Many expressed dismay that SRS’ 20-volume proposal has not yet been put online for serious public scrutiny. The hard copies of the 20 volumes were only made public for a limited period around Chinese New Year at selected locations, with no photography allowed, thus handicapping those who wanted to study the thick volumes at length. Others wondered why a traffic impact assessment has not been made public.

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