Friday, November 10, 2017

Adopt a tree on 11 November, this Saturday... 9 am !  
An hour (maximum 2) of your time.

Come and join us to commemorate the 11 victims of the landslide and at the same time make our town a bit greener.

The Penang State Government intends to plant 10.000 trees on that day, 11-11, and TBRA will be helping to do its part. We have received 30 trees from MBPP.
A Tabebuia rosea plant blooming in Bayan Baru, Feb 2017
Initially we hoped to plant them on the "Sore Thumb", our future Coastal Public Park but we are having serious access problems.
So, then we decided to plant them at the landslide site as a way for Tanjong Bungah to remember the 11 workers who died in a sudden and awful (and unnecessary) way right here in our own town.

Tools and water

The trees we will receive are both fairly tall (5') and small saplings so there is something for everyone because we will need to dig holes to plant them. We’ll collect as many tools as possible but if you have a hoe or a spade, please bring it. Also bring your own water. We don’t want to leave plastic bottles behind.

Please join us this Sat. morning 11 -11 as of 9 am

Venue:  Lemba Permai

Lorong Lemba 3, pass TAR College, keep going straight, just opposite the now closed construction site;
or, if you come from other side: pass Tenby School and turn right at T-junction.

We’ll be planting at the dead end of the road after the 2 Chinese temples. There will be a TBRA banner. Press will join at 10am

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