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TBRA 2015 AGM - Chairman’s Report Now Available!

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Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association has held it's 2015 AGM on 28th March 2015. These links point to The Chairman’s report by Leong Yueh Kwong:

Why you should read and share this report: It is packed with important review and info in a few pages!

Contents -  What's inside the Chairman's report?

1.0 Highlights of 2014/2015
1.1 Submission of TBRA brief to the review of the Penang Structure Plan
1.2 The status of the “sore thumb” as a coastal zone public park
1.3 Status of Bukit Mutiara (Pearl Hill) public open space
1.4 Participation of TBRA on the 2014 Detailed EIA of the second phase of the Tanjung Tokong land reclamation
2.0 Some issues and challenges ahead
2.1 Development without planning
2.1.1 Unresolved status of Tanjung Bungah as a secondary development corridor
2.1.2 Development in north coast without a Local Plan and conflicting Structure Plan
2.1.3 High rise high density development in Jalan Permai and Jalan Sungai Kelian
2.1.4 Moving the Chinese temple to Chee Seng Garden without consultation
2.1.5 High rise high density development on Hong Hong paper factory site
2.1.6 High rise high density development in Straits Quay and Batu Ferringhi
2.2 North coast development corridor
2.2.1 Zoning and development in Batu Ferringhi
2.2.2 What is the carrying capacity of the North Coast of Penang Island?
2.2.3 Appropriate and inappropriate building approvals
2.3 The review of the Penang Structure Plan up to 2020
2.3.1 What is the status and did it follow proper procedures of public participation and consultation?
2.3.2 The status of the Local Plan after the review of the Structure Plan
3.0 Current situation for TBRA as an organization
3.1 Membership and participation of members
3.1.1 One common feature of residents’ associations is that they are active when there is a pressing issue, such as high crime rate or high rise building in low rise area. There is little interest apart of issues that directly affect them.
3.1.2 In TBRA, the number of active members are small and getting a quorum for meetings is a problem.
3.2 SWOT analysis and strategic plan?
3.2.1 There have been 2 attempts to develop a strategic plan on how to proceed. Both ended in failure due to the lack of participation of members. There is still a need to build up a shared consensus as to how we want the north coast to be. What should be the strategy that the residents can adopt to make this happen. With no clear and accepted strategy, there will be only ad hoc responses to developers like what is happening now of one neighborhood after another protesting against development proposals. In the end, the neighborhood groups loses.
4.0 The way ahead, from TBRA to North coast’s residents association?


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