Friday, December 23, 2011

Lemba Permai Residents took to the street on 3 December

Lorong Lembah Permai Empat 'Street Dialogue' of 03.12.2011

They were angry about new plans by Sri Setia developer (Boon Siew) who now proposes building two apartment blocks 32 stories high & one apartment block 9 stories high at ‘Permai Village’, in Tanjong Bunga (directly behind Lorong Lembah Permai 4) and adjacent to Nineteen, Permai Village and 2Permai new houses. Total additional apartment units would be over 500.
The new plans have not yet been approved and quite a number of residents went to express their opposition to the plans at a Council meeting.

They have the following concerns:

  • The developers proposed additional units are way too excessive in number.

  • The proposed apartment blocks are far too high for an area that was originally zoned for single storey houses.

  • The addition of thousands of vehicles will add to local traffic jams & density – already at bursting point.

  • The infrastructure cannot support these additional numbers. Parking will definitely spill over into neighboring streets.

  • A dead-end road in a residential area of LLP4 has been opened-up to traffic in readiness to accommodate anticipated high volumes of construction & apartment traffic.

  • The flow of Sungai Kelian on the proposed site has been altered; sections of the river have been filled-in, creating stagnant pools, a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Some of the residents were not notified of the Objection Hearing although it is a legal requirement.
  • Despite requests to MPPP President for a dialogue regarding the objections, no response has been received sofar.

This proposed change of plans by Boon Siew will affect residents every day; it will also affect those who bought houses in Permai Village under original plans (false promises). So, find out more about this development, share our concerns & join our protest. With support from TBRA and our local ADUN there was an excellent turn-out on 3 December 2011.

Rubbish has been used as back-fill at the site

Proposed change of plan by Sri Setia

Sungai Kelian back-fill & water seepage

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