Monday, April 04, 2011

For a Greener Tanjong Bunga

On 2 April, 50 Tacoma trees were planted by YB Yee Cheu Teh, ADUN for Tg Bunga, NGO Pantai (Permatang Pasir Pulau Pinang) and TBRA.

It was a symbolic gesture to return some more greenery to our township which has lost so many trees due to savage cutting on hillsides and to make space for highrises. It was also a move to safeguard public access to the beaches.

The first 20 trees were plated in front of Coastal Towers with residents and their children chipping in and TBRA talking to the press about the hundreds of trees chopped by Surin Bolton for their two tower buildings rising nextdoor. A sudden burst of rain ensured that the trees got their first welcome on the site.

The rain did not deter the planters from moving on to the next site: the river bank next to Infinity. There is a long public path leading to the sea between the river and the towering Infinity complex. Just today, workers had started building steps down to the beach. The trees were planted along the path. People recalled how the river bank was quite gentle and pleasant with at least 4 huge raintrees. All were cut down and Infinity raised the bank to a level path with a very steep drop on the river edge. The steepness now is the excuse for a 5 foot fence with three ugly strands of barbed wire on top; the excuse is "safety". Interesting, isn't it, when they first created the danger.

The last 10 Tacoma trees were planted across the river, close to the sea in front of Cara Vista and Leisure Cove. There is still a wide open public area there where YB Teh hopes to install a sports field. To preserve the sandy area for the sports and dissuade would-be squatters, hundreds of coconut trees were planted as well."

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