Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Annual General Meeting 2009

Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting 2009


The Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association (TBRA) is pleased to urge you to attend the AGM on Saturday, 18 April 2009 at 3 pm in the Meeting Room upstairs (above the Tanjong Bunga market).


Address by Chairperson TBRA
Approve Minutes of AGM 2008*
Adopt Annual Report by Secretary TBRA*
Adopt Audited Statement of Accounts, Treasurer TBRA*
Consider any resolution (will be submitted in writing by 11 April 2009)
Discuss matters of general interest
Any other business
Closing address

* copies forthcoming soon
Please note that this year there are elections; we need to elect a new chair, vice-chair and treasurer. PLEASE start thinking of nominations.
There will also be proposed changes to the statutes so as to allow for life membership – keep a watch for the resolution to approve at the AGM.

As you know, every AGM needs to have a quorum of at least 20 members. Please make sure we reach that quorum by turning up. Come to hear about the latest activities. It will not take that much of your time. Support your local Association !

Saturday, 18th 3 pm - See you there !

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