Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Tanjong Bunga Residents are protesting

This afternoon, in Tanjung Bunga, residents used this form of protest to loud effect during a Valentine’s Day ‘tea party’ to protest at property development projects on steep hill-slopes. Some one hundred and eighty residents turned up in Chee Seng Garden in front of the Bolton Surin project, calling on the Chief Minister and the state government to stop the project for good.
They are also calling for an end to all Class 3 and 4 hill-slope projects, saying they do not want to see a repeat of the Highland Tower and Bukit Antarabangsa tragedies. Led by long-time Chee Seng Garden resident Andrew Aeria, the crowd observed a minute’s silence for the victims of the tragedies.

Andrew, using a loud hailer, said that residents were wondering whose interest the state government has at heart: the developers’ or the people’s. “We voted for change because we wanted the state government to make a difference,” he said. “If we don’t see any change, we know what we have to do.”

Not only was there a greater risk of landslides, water catchment areas too are affected.

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