Thursday, September 11, 2008


IT seems hill-cutting continue to be permitted by the local planning authority despite many cases of land-slides, soil erosion, floods, etc.
Recently, there was flooding of houses and this on a hill-slope in Chee Seng Gardens..!
This is what one of the residents have to say:
"I think a STOP WORK order has to be issued by MPPP in Chee Seng on both developers to put all the developers on notice that we shall not continue living with their nonsense. And the State Govt and MPPP can do this. I cannot accept the current view that this State Govt's hands are tied and that we cannot do anything. That is just a defeatist cop-out excuse to allow developers to run rough-shod over all of us."
The President of MPPP has replied by email to one of our resident's complaints saying that a STOP WORK order will be issued if necessary.
Is this the case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted?

More reports and comments by Anil Netto:

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Kah Seng said...

One problem is the lack of sense or coordination as a community. Because of the hill and bay geography (and probably lack of parking space for car-reliant residents), TB residents tend to be dissected into separate groups.

For example,

* rock blasting at Mount Pleasure does not evoke response from people at Hill Side.
* Stilted development behind Mt Erskine (Pearl Hill) gets less response from people at Chee Seng Garden,
* Chee Seng flood is not seen at Lembah Permai,
* Lembah Permai quarry rock dust is not felt by Leader Garden/ Chee Seng.
* Sore finger illegal reclamation, the Cove, Infinity, and possibly more high rise gets no response from Mt Pleasure.
* Lousy, noisy, dirty construction at Infinity gets no reaction 1/2 km away.
* Sky Home is less noticed by people further up.
* Teluk Tikus beach pollution and a newly constructed "Fishermen's Club" multipurpose hall is getting no attention from all.