Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Telok Bahang - Tanjong Bunga Development Corridor

The State Draft Structure Plan shows clearly in this map extracted from the report that Tanjong Bungah is located within the secondary development corridor. The Structure Plan (pg. 4-8) states that:
"Tanjong Bungah - Telok Bahang Corridor represents existing tourism corridor that is undergoing rapid development with 5-star hotels. Infill development of low to medium density will be allowed in the zones identified for general housing (15 units per acre), low density housing (6 units per acre), general/restricted tourism and commercial (plot ratio 1:1). Its natural beauty such as beach resorts, hills and forest will contiune to be preserved as primary assets for the development of this corridor. .."
Apparently the State Town And Country Planning Department which is responsible for the drafting of the Structure Plan is now saying that this policy does not apply to the area within which Tanjong Bungah is located as shown below!

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