Thursday, May 29, 2008


If the State Exco has its way, Tanjong Bunga will be wiped off the map, literally! The Penang Structure Plan has clearly designated Tanjong Bunga - Telok Bahang as the Secondary development corridor (Spatial Development Policy No.5 - DSU5 L1) while the George Town - Tanjung Tokong Corridor is designated as the Primary Development Corridor. This is fine and it is just what Tanjong Bunga residents are asking for. But wait! In the illustration map in the Structure Plan (Fig. 4.2 Penang State Development Corridors) the name Tanjong Bunga does not appear in the area coloured green which denotes Secondary Development Corridor. The State Town and Country Planning Department (JPBD) has this interpretation that the Secondary Development Corridor starts from Mar Vista Resort. However according to the Town limit gazette notification P.U. No. 50 of 30-6-66, the boundary of Tanjong Bunga starts from where Tanjong Bunga Hotel is located.
It is indeed curious that in such an important diagram, a nondescript development named Mar Vista Resort is prominently labelled instead of Tanjong Bunga. Even more curious is that Tanjong Tokong is labelled in the location where Tanjong Bunga should be.

Well, it appears that the State Exco has swallowed this interpetation of JPBD hook, line and sinker! God help us what have we done on March 8?

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