Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TBRA re-launches petition on Sore Thumb !

PETITION for a Tanjong Bunga Coastal Park

illegal reclamation, called the “sore thumb”, by the Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association (TBRA)

‘Development’ in Tanjung Bunga has over the past few years created severe environmental problems with hill-cutting and high-rise construction blocking sea views and polluting the beaches.
By law all beaches are public, but they are in danger of being ‘privatised’… access is already made difficult or even restricted in several places.

The residents of Tanjung Bunga are faced with:
lack of public recreational space;
high-density apartment buildings approved on an ad hoc and individual basis without any planning for public space;
high-rise ‘developments’ starting to dominate the entire coastline;
some developers claiming to have a ‘private’ beach for their condo, thus encouraging further restriction to public access to the sea side;
violations of regulations and procedures for coastal land reclamation.

In view of the fact that the reclamation off the Tanjung Club has violated regulations and created an eyesore, that the authorities have issued a stop-work order to the “developer”, and that this “sore thumb” has been sitting idle now for more than a year…

We, the undersigned residents of Penang, support the TBRA proposal that the reclaimed area be restored and rehabilitated as a public coastal park.

Transform this “SORE THUMB” into a PUBLIC PARK!

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