Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cove pollutes Tanjong Bunga beach !!

After a strong rain, quite recently, the run-off from the Cove construction sent floods of mud straight into the sea. To cover up its tracks, the next night, a Cove bulldozer was set to work under veil of darkness to smoothen out all traces.

What's next Four Sore Fingers !!?? Another "Nightmare" to pay for so call "Development" and "Progress" without the concern of Environment !! How sad !

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John Briscoe said...

The plans for the next four towers on the Tanjung Club site have been sighted by an expat friend of mine who got past the front counter at council.This was only possible with the aid of a local lawyer.
Surely there is enough development, we do not need any more to block the views. When will it end?